Agenda from the Physical & High-Risk Behavioral Health Workshop (2012)

Managing Women’s Physical and High-Risk Behavioral Health Practical Solutions.


5:00-5:30 PM    Registration, Buffet Dinner and Networking

5:30-5:35 PM    Welcome
Karen Rosene-Montella, MD

5:35-5:45 PM    Workshop Opening
Margaret Howard, PhD

5:45-6:00 PM    Public Health Perspective
Michael Fine, MD

6:00-6:45 PM    Managing Physical Health and Prescription Drug Misuse
Rebekah Gardner, MD Facilitator
Catherine L. Friedman, MD Women: Patterns of Substance Abuse
Alison L. Croke, MHA System-Based Approaches to Prescription Drug Misuse
Michael J. Maher, MD Better Tools from a Physician’s Perspective

6:45-7:00 PM    Panel Q&A

7:00-7:15 PM    Community Health Perspective
Jane Hayward, President & CEO, RI Health Center Association

7:15-8:00 PM    Physical Health and High-Risk Mood Disorders
Lisa Shea, MD Facilitator
Linda Carpenter, MD Women: At Risk for Depression and Suicide
John R. Jordan, PhD Gender-informed Suicide Risk Assessment
Beatriz Perez, MPH A Public Health Approach to Suicide Prevention

8:00-8:15    Panel Q&A

8:15 Closing Remarks
Carrie Bridges, MPH