Healthy Eating for a Healthy Heart Conference (Spring 2016)

Helping Your Patients Make a Real Change

This interactive conference is designed to equip attendees with the tools to:

  • Describe the relationship between healthy eating and heart health
  • Name and describe 3 recommended components of a heart healthy diet
  • Describe the transition to a heart healthy diet from non-traditionally American diets
  • Describe options that can be developed within practices or within communities to improve access to healthy foods
  • Demonstrate skills of motivational interviewing that can be applied to talking with patients about healthy eating

Call for nominations for The Karen Rosene-Montella Spark Award for Innovation in Women’s Health in RI:

We are seeking providers or provider organizations that care for women and/or girls in Rhode Island to be nominated for this award. Nominees should promote innovative research, education, clinical care and policy/advocacy that improves medical, behavioral and/or social health of women in Rhode Island at any point in their lifespan. Size of initiative is not relevant. The service, process or program must have been in place for at least 1 year with demonstrable results.  Our definition of provider includes anyone that cares for the social, medical and behavioral health of women which could include direct care givers, payors or policy makers who work in institutions or the community, e.g. educators, public health professionals, social service providers.

Nominations should be sent by email to Krystal Brancoat between April 1 and August 1 of the calendar year. Individuals may submit nominations for themselves or for others.

Please Click on this Link for More Information: The Karen Rosene-Montella Spark Award for Innovation in Women’s Health in RI