Slides from the Smoking Cessation & Prevention Workshop (2011)

Smoking Cessation 1: Margaret Miller, MD. Assessing the many risks associated with smoking. Women know that it’s dangerous but don’t understand its relevance to them.

Smoking Cessation 2: Athena Poppas, MD. Statistics about increased risk of smoking and second hand smoke for women. Women are more susceptible to the effects of tobacco.

Smoking Cessation 3: Belinda Borrelli, PhD.  How to increase motivation to quit through motivational interviewing.

Smoking Cessation 4: Sara Ryan DAc. Acupuncture and the NADA Protocol have a 31% quit rate and 90% relief of recidivism.

Smoking Cessation 5: Theresa Mrozak, RN How to create a sustainable quit practice using Quit WorksRI.

Smoking Cessation 6: Amity Rubeor, DO. An action plan for initiating a smoking cessation program.